Tidewater & Tulle DIY product tutorial photography

Craftcuts is a brand known for its high-quality crafting supplies and personalized décor items, catering to DIY enthusiasts and creative minds alike, needed images that captured how use their products in DIY product tutorials. Tidewater & Tulle, a prominent online wedding publication based in coastal Virginia, recently started a three-month collaboration with Craftcuts, showcasing DIY projects that highlight the latest trends in the wedding world, see our other product tutorials we created for Craftcuts here & here. As the U.S.-based team photographer for Tidewater & Tulle, I had the privilege of capturing this collaboration through my lens.

Collaboration with Craftcuts x Tidewater & Tulle

Our most recent project involved creating a stunning banner to adorn the bar area of a wedding venue. Led by Tidewater & Tulle’s editor-in-chief, Chelsea Barton, the project seamlessly integrated Craftcuts’ products with simple yet sophisticated design elements. The goal was to not only showcase Craftcuts’ offerings but also inspire couples planning their dream weddings with creative ideas they can easily implement themselves. Chelsea did a great job creating the creative brief for this DIY product tutorial photography session.

Shoot day for this DIY product tutorial

On shoot day, my focus was on capturing every aspect of the DIY process in a way that would resonate with Tidewater & Tulle’s audience. With a keen understanding of how the images would be utilized across various platforms, including the publication’s blog and social media channels, I made sure to capture both landscape and portrait-oriented shots. Additionally, short video clips were taken to further engage viewers on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Here are the shots that I made sure to include for this DIY product photography shoot:

  • Summary image of all the materials used for the project: A visually appealing shot featuring all the materials required for the project laid out neatly, setting the stage for what’s to come.
  • Step by step process: Each step of the DIY process was meticulously documented, with a focus on showcasing the materials used in each specific step. This not only provides clarity to readers but also serves as a practical guide for those looking to recreate the project themselves.
  • Resulting project: The pièce de résistance – the completed banner displayed in all its glory in the bar area of a wedding venue. This shot not only highlights the beauty of the finished product but also offers a glimpse into how it can be seamlessly incorporated into a real wedding setting.

Check out the final Blog post on Tidewater & Tulle: Create the Perfect DIY Beach Wedding Cocktail Bar Banner with CraftCuts. See some of our other diy product tutorials we did for Craftcuts & Tidewater & Tulle here.

As a photographer passionate about capturing the essence of each project I undertake, collaborating with Tidewater & Tulle and Craftcuts was truly a rewarding experience. By simplifying the DIY process in images and providing actionable inspiration, we aim to empower couples to infuse their weddings with personalized touches that reflect their unique love stories.

The final product for Craftcuts & Tidewater & Tulle on a bar
Big thank you to the Berman family for allowing me to use your gorgeous handmade Bourbon bar for the styled part of this shoot!

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