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Favorite Brand Session Locations

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Kia & Co. is the photographer for the Huntsville, Alabama service & product based business.

Our favorite branding session locations in Huntsville

Huntsville Brand

  • Downtown Huntsville: Constitution Park, Twickenham, Courthouse Square
  • Lowe Mill
  • lincoln mill
  • Downtown Madison
  • Village at Providence: Main Street, Residential areas
  • Your office, studio, or home
  • co-working: Spaces or coin

lowe mill

downtown huntsville

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There's no where more iconic in Huntsville than the downtown area. With so many different scenes, this is by far my most popular on-location area.

AN old cotton mill, Lowe mill is the home to many creatives in huntsville. We can either work in public spaces or rent a studio area. 

Best time to shoot: during the week
Favorite areas: second floor gallery with its huge windows
Details: $40/hr., only during public hours. See photo policy here.

Best time to shoot: during the week, morning or early afternoon
Favorite areas: bank building, big spring park, on the square

downtown madison

lincoln mill

A clean industrial area with white walls & large windows. I Book time in Coin co-working space to gain access to the lincoln mill campus. 

Best time to shoot: during the week, throughout the day
Coin Co-Working: located in Lincoln Mill also provides a variety of scenes for your brand session. Open 8-5 on weekdays. $150/hr. 

a very recognizable area to shoot in, especially if your business is associated with madison. With a few different backgrounds, it's great for headshots.

Best time to shoot: during the week, throughout the day
Favorite areas: along the shops, historic residential area

your space

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cool places around town

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Have a connection to somewhere cool in town? Look into your network to see if we can gain access to a spot!

The best place to shoot your session is your very own space--where you work behind the scenes or where you work with your clients.

Best time to shoot: any time of the day, I can bring additional lighting with me to ensure that you look as good as possible.


downtown huntsville


a cool place around town


your space

Are you a business in Huntsville, Alabama struggling to make a great first impression and showcase the true value of your brand? Do you find it challenging to consistently convey your brand’s identity through imagery? Look no further, because Kia & Co is here to provide you with the perfect solution.

Kia & Co specializes in brand photography that captures the essence of your business and helps you establish a strong visual identity. We understand that in today’s competitive market, having a library of consistent and high-quality imagery is essential to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we are committed to creating visually stunning and emotionally engaging photographs that leave a lasting impression on your audience.



let's use your images & brand identity to take your business to the next level on your digital platforms
Let's create professionally styled images that show your products in the best light possible
let's create you a gallery so you will always have the images you need to speak to your ideal clients

How can I help your brand?

Branding & Marketing Services

petite brand session

For the professional who seeks to update their current imagery. This single location session will yield a gallery of images to show off how your business has grown & your newest offering. This collection will provide you with 1-2 months of content.

Starting at $2500

Half Day session

For the professional who seeks to capture themselves in action, creating your product or providing your services. This single location session will yield a gallery of images that will allow you to update your website, social media, & marketing materials with at least a quarter's worth of content.

Starting at $4500

Full Day Session

For the professional who seeks to create a custom branding gallery--multiple locations, outfits, and activities that surround your business and lifestyle. This collection will provide you with at least 1-2 quarter's worth of content. Best for businesses with multiple streams of income. Also includes: gif creation and video clips during your session.

Starting at $8000

  • Pre-Session planning consultation 
  • Personalized Session Plan
  • Directing, styling, and posing
  • Multiple outfit changes
  • Integration of Props: work tools, lifestyle favorites, and products
  • Digital Images with Commercial License
  • Headshots of each team member, small & large group shots
  • Images delivered via online gallery
  • Post session consultation to go over images & strategy for using your images

each branding collection includes:


  • on-location session
  • 2 clothing changes
  • 5 retouched high-resolution images
  • Posing and Direction
  • Soft skin editing
  • Gallery of 20+ images to select your final images from
  • Post-session consult to select your images


Gari-Ann has helped The Paper Petals Co. get to where it is today thanks to her amazing photography skills. From product shoots to branding sessions, I've been working with Gari-Ann for the past 5 years now and I love her charismatic, talented self. She captures my paper flower creations so beautifully and I urge anyone in the creative business to get with Gari-Ann to elevate your brand.

from current  client

The Paper petals Co.