Kristin using generational props with a 90s theme during her public speaking brand session

Public Speaker Brand Session

Huntsville based Public Speaker Brand Session with Kristin Scroggin

I had the privilege of documenting Kristin Scroggin, a public speaker at her brand session in Huntsville. As the owner of GenWhy & a seasoned generational diversity speaker, Kristin’s energy electrified the stage, captivating her audience with insightful discussions on attracting and retaining top talent. We meticulously captured Kristin in her element, onstage & seamlessly interacting with attendees and hosts before and after her keynote address. From the intensity of her presentations to the warmth of her interactions, every moment reflected Kristin’s passion and expertise.

Exploring Kristin’s Diverse Training Approaches in Generational Diversity

My session with Kristin extended beyond the stage to various locations around Huntsville, where we captured the different ways that Kristin speaks to generational diversity & works with her clients–workshops, one on one, her team, and her amazing personality.

At Spaces near Redstone Arsenal, we caputred Kristin’s intimate workshops, capturing her engaging with smaller groups in a setting mirroring her insightful training sessions. In this professional setting, we documented Kristin’s collaborative efforts with her administrative assistant, Bonita, highlighting how they have fun together and support Kristin’s growing business.

Venturing further, we embraced the relaxed ambiance of Stovehouse and Kristin’s personal residence, capturing lifestyle images that epitomized the diverse generational topics she expertly navigates in her keynotes, workshops, and trainings.

Capturing Different Generations Through Props

One of the highlights of our session with Kristin was immersing ourselves in her rich narrative of generational diversity through captivating props and outfits spanning decades. From the nostalgia of the 40s to the vibrant hues of the 90s and today’s modern era, Kristin curated a kaleidoscope of visual storytelling elements that brought depth and context to her teachings. We had props like an 8 ball, rubriks cube, telephone, film camera, records, games, etc. Exploring the fun and interactive aspect of her session, we seamlessly integrated these props into our imagery, adding layers of authenticity and resonance to Kristin’s impactful message.

Kristin Scroggin showcasing props from various decades, adding context to her teachings
Kristin Scroggin showcasing props from various decades, adding context to her teachings

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Some favorites from Kristin’s Generational Diversity Brand Session

Public speaker brand session at the Westin Bridgestreet in Huntsville, Alabama

Showing small group sessions, workshops, one-one, and collaborating with her team

Shooting a Brand Session at the Stovehouse in Huntsville

Lifestyle Brand Session at Kristin’s home during her public speaker brand session

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