Strategic prop selection enhances the storytelling aspect of Hollie Beaver's branding session, adding depth and context to her professional image.

PR & Marketing Professional Branding Session in Huntsville

During our mini brand session with Hollie Beaver, a Huntsville PR & Marketing professional and owner of Hollie Beaver Marketing, we made sure to utilize every minute effectively, 20 minutes to be exact. Time is precious, especially for busy business owners like Hollie, so we ensured that each shot counted. From selecting the perfect backdrop at Coin in Lincoln Mill to guiding Hollie through different poses and expressions, we prioritized efficiency without compromising quality. Our focus was crystal clear: to capture the essence of her brand in every image.

Hollie Beaver showcases her versatility and professionalism as a marketing & pr professional in a variety of settings during her branding session in Huntsville, Alabama.

Achieving Website Refresh Goals for this Professional

Hollie’s primary objective for our session was to revamp her website with fresh, engaging imagery. We delved deep into understanding her brand identity and the message she wanted to convey to her audience. By aligning our vision with her goals, we crafted visuals that not only reflect her professionalism but also exude warmth and authenticity. From headshots that radiate confidence to action shots that showcase her in her element, each image was meticulously curated to breathe new life into her online presence.

Hollie Beaver, owner of Hollie Beaver Marketing, poses confidently during her branding session at Coin in Lincoln Mill, Huntsville.

Maximizing Variety with Minimal Effort for this Marketing & PR Professional

Despite the compact timeframe of our session, we managed to capture a diverse range of looks and moods. By bringing along versatile outfits and relevant props that resonate with her clientele, she ensured seamless transitions between different setups. Whether it was portraying her in a corporate setting or showcasing her creative side, Hollie effortlessly adapted to each scenario, allowing us to capture a myriad of captivating shots that perfectly encapsulate her multifaceted personality and expertise.

Through strategic planning and seamless execution, our Huntsville branding session with PR marketing professional Hollie Beaver exemplifies how investing in professional imagery can elevate your brand presence and resonate with your target audience.

meet Gari-Ann

Gari-Ann Kia is an accomplished Branding and Product Photographer with a passion for helping creatives and professionals elevate their brand by showcasing their product, promoting their services, or simply enhancing their brand image. Gari-Ann's expertise in branding and product photography will help you stand out from the crowd. With years of experience in the field, Gari-Ann has honed her skills and developed a unique approach to visual storytelling that resonates with her clients and their target audience to help them stand out from the crowd.

Gari-Ann currently lives in the Washington DC area with her husband and two children. She enjoys traveling with her family, some of their favorite destinations have been Santorini, Wanaka, Paris, & Aix en Provence. In her free time, Gari-Ann enjoys giving back to her community by supporting fellow military spouses & their families and mentoring other small business owners.