Product photography of ring dishes for an Etsy store listing

Sweet Clementines Co. | Etsy Ring Dish Product Photography

Sweet Clementines Co. was getting ready to release their newest product to their Etsy shop, personalized ring dishes, & of course coordinating their product photography with me was one of their first tasks! This is 4th session that we’ve done together & it’s amazing to see their shop look so cohesive. 

Product photography of ring dishes for an Etsy store listing

Goals for their product session

Emma and her team are so great at knowing exactly what kind of images they need for their products to ensure they do well on that e-commerce platform. Their product photography shot list included images that were styled to complement each color variation:

-Clean overhead image of each color variation

-Angled shot of each color variation

-Several colors together so clients could see the different options

Etsy store product photography

Having the right images in your Esty store for your products directly correlates to the success of your store. Having clear & concise images how what your product looks like and how your client is going to use it allows clients to effectively make a decision about whether your product is going to solve their problems. Here is a blog post about the photographs needed for your Etsy store for some tips on how to improve your listings. Another great Kia & Co resource is where to update with your new brand & product images when you receive a new gallery from your favorite photographer.

Here are the images that we captured for Sweet Clementines Co. & a video of them using their images on their Etsy shop. It’s so cool to see my images being used in the wild!

Here are some of my favorites from their product session:

Additional Product Photography done for Sweet Clementines Co’s Etsy storefront:

Additional Sessions together

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