10 Places to update with your brand images

Getting a gallery full of fresh new images is like Christmas morning! Now it’s time to share those images with the world so that you can show them how amazing your brand is and keep consistent with showing quality content. Having all pieces of communication that look as polished and professional as possible will add value to your offering and lifting you to a new level. Make it easy for potential clients to pick you! Here are 10 places that you should update with your new brand images of your product or service:


Your home page, especially above the fold, is your book cover! When going to your website, this is the first thing that potential clients are going to see. Make sure it’s updated with your newest and most up to date brand images. Visitors should know immediately what you do and what you sell.


Make sure you have your favorite headshot or image of your brand in the sidebar of your website. A sidebar shows up on the side of each blog post, so if you direct clients to your blog posts from your social media, you can insure that they are seeing the products that you offer, or better yet…what you look like. Here is an example of my blog with a sidebar to the right of my blog post.

About Me

An about me page is one of the most visited pages on your website…after all, people want to know who you are! Make sure to have an updated headshot on your about me page. Bonus points if you also have an image of you creating your product or providing your service. Here is a blog about places you should update with your headshot.

Profile Images

If you haven’t updating your profile images in years…aka you look nothing like that person anymore…make sure to take the gorgeous photos from your newest brand gallery and update your profile images. Clients want to know who they’re working with…especially if you are a service provider and you meet clients in person.

Here are some places to update:
Social Media accounts
Email account
In-house directory of your business

Email Signature

Your number one form of communication with your clients and co-workers is your email. Make sure your email signature includes your favorite headshot with information on how to contact you. Here is a blog post on things that should be included in your email signature.

Business Cards

Whether with your headshot, customized stock photography, or product images, you can update your business cards so that they reflect your business and your brand.

Social Media

Many times this is the forefront of our marketing efforts, make sure that your messaging and images on social media are consistent with your brand. Adding your new consistent images will add trust to your business, helping your client know, love, and trust you.

Media Kits

Adding your professional images to your media kit will automatically up-level your business. You will look as best as you can when pitching other businesses.

Print Marketing Materials

This is one of my favorite places to see clients use their new brand images, especially their custom stock photography–on their hang cards, information cards to their clients, or in print advertising. These images were created just for your brand, use them to share your business’ message & amazing service or product.

Proposals and Templates

My favorite place to add brand photos to are my proposals and frequently used templates/documents. These are usually proposals that I send to clients when putting together a scope of work, putting right in their faces images of who I am and what my work looks like. Do the same thing for your proposals and templates, have images of you providing your services, creating your products, or product images of your amazing work.

Bonus: Your Storefront’s Header & E-Commerce Stock Images

Make sure to be updating your e-commerce storefront headers with your newest brand images, especially if your offerings/products change by the season. Most e-commerce platforms–Etsy, Faire, Hello Abound, or your own website–have a place for you to share some of the behind the scenes of your business, make sure to make the most of this space to tell your story!

Check out some blogs that I’ve done on photo guidelines for your e-commerce storefronts:

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