What to bring to your brand session

One of the most daunting tasks prior to your session is planning for what you need to bring to your upcoming brand session. I strive to make this as easy of a process as possible, so here are some great ideas to start with when planning your session with with Kia & Co. in Stand out with tailored brand imagery in Huntsville! Discover what to bring for your session.Huntsville, Alabama.

Lauren’s goals for her brand session

First things first, meet Lauren, the brains behind the brand strategy and design magic. She’s the mastermind who understands the importance of setting your business apart in a sea of competition. Just like how she tailors visual brand designs to reflect your mission, values, and vision, Kia & Co. does the same for your brand photography.

Lauren, much like many of you, reached a point in her business journey where she craved elevation. She invested in herself, revamped her website, and even dared to adjust her pricing. But she knew, to truly elevate her brand, she needed top-notch imagery. No more DIY snapshots for her. And guess what? She nailed it! Now she boasts a website that’s a true reflection of her gorgeous work and brand essence.

This is Lauren’s first session with Kia & Co, check out our second brand session in Richmond, Virginia.

What to bring to your Huntsville brand session:

What to bring to your Huntsville brand session: The tools that you use to do business

Think of all those tools that you use on a regular basis, especially the ones that other people know nothing about (of course without giving away any trade secrets). It’s so cool to add those tools to your branding session in ways that make you stand out and look like a true expert and professional.

What to bring to your Huntsville brand session: Things that inspire you or Examples of your work

What does your process look like? Think about the whole process you take your clients through when working with them or how you come up with all the concepts prior to making your product. Let’s capture that process by including the things that inspire you and then the result…and of course somethings in between.

Bring your Marketing Collateral Huntsville brand session:

Sometimes being super literal about your brand can be helpful as well so that we are consistent across the board. Do you have marketing collateral that you’ve already had designed? Bring those business cards, letter head, client handbooks, hangcards, etc. with you to your session and we will include them where it makes sense!

What to bring to your brand session: Desk Accessories + On Brand Decor

Although we may be shooting at a location that isn’t your office/studio, we still need to bring your brand into the photographs. Feel free to bring any desk accessories and decor that fits in well with your brand–think style, colors, etc.

Your outfits, accessories, lifestyle favorites:

When planning for your session, plan on bringing at least 5 different outfits (maybe more if we have a longer session). This allows us to diversify the look of your session, giving you a larger image gallery to select from & more options when going to look for the perfect photograph for your needs.

Don’t forget to include a few lifestyle favorites that you just personally love…your favorite notebook, the mug you use every morning, your must have pens, or your favorite band’s t-shirt. I want to make sure to include things in your session that are so “YOU”!

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meet Gari-Ann

Gari-Ann Kia is an accomplished Branding and Product Photographer with a passion for helping creatives and professionals elevate their brand by showcasing their product, promoting their services, or simply enhancing their brand image. Gari-Ann's expertise in branding and product photography will help you stand out from the crowd. With years of experience in the field, Gari-Ann has honed her skills and developed a unique approach to visual storytelling that resonates with her clients and their target audience to help them stand out from the crowd.

Gari-Ann currently lives in the Washington DC area with her husband and two children. She enjoys traveling with her family, some of their favorite destinations have been Santorini, Wanaka, Paris, & Aix en Provence. In her free time, Gari-Ann enjoys giving back to her community by supporting fellow military spouses & their families and mentoring other small business owners.