Developing the problems you solve

In a recent email I chatted about how I spent the time to get really clear about the problem I solve for my client and how I go about doing it at my recent trip to the beach for a work retreat. Then I also placed where I need to use them in my marketing.

Understanding the problems you solve for your business

Understanding the problem you solve for your clients is crucial for the success of your business. Here are some questions you can ask yourself as a business owner to help identify and articulate the problems you solve:

1. Who is my target audience? Define the characteristics of your ideal customer. Understanding your audience helps in tailoring your solutions to their specific needs.

2. What pain points do my customers experience? Identify the challenges, frustrations, or problems that your customers currently face. This could involve market research, surveys, or direct conversations with your customers.

3. How does my product or service alleviate those pain points? Clearly articulate how your offering addresses the identified pain points. What unique value does your solution provide?

4. What makes my business stand out from competitors? Determine your unique selling proposition (USP). What sets your business apart from others in your industry, and how does that relate to solving your customers’ problems?

5. What are the key features of my product or service? List the specific features that directly address the needs of your customers. How do these features contribute to solving their problems?

6. How has customer feedback shaped my offerings? Reflect on feedback from your existing customers. What have they praised or criticized about your product or service? Use this information to refine and improve your solutions.

7. What are the most common reasons customers choose my business? Identify the factors that lead customers to choose your business over alternatives. This could be related to price, quality, convenience, or other aspects.

8. What emotions or aspirations does my product/service tap into? Consider the emotional aspect of your customers’ needs. Are they looking for convenience, security, status, or another emotional connection that your business fulfills?

9. How has the market evolved, and how does my business adapt? Stay aware of market trends and changes. How has the landscape evolved, and how does your business continue to provide relevant solutions?

10. What success stories or case studies do I have? Highlight examples where your product or service successfully addressed a client’s problem. Real-world examples can be powerful in demonstrating the value you bring.

By systematically answering these questions, you can gain a clearer understanding of the problems your business solves for your clients, which is essential for effective marketing and customer communication.

But how are you going to use this information???

Now that we are clear with the problem you solve and how you solve it, it really makes how you speak to your client so much easier when you create content for your social media, website, print materials, elevator pitch, etc.

1. Craft Clear Messaging: Develop clear and concise messaging that communicates the specific problem your business solves. Your messaging should resonate with your target audience and highlight the value proposition of your solution.

2. Tailor Marketing Materials: Align your marketing materials, including website content, social media posts, and advertisements, with the identified problem and solution. Use language that speaks directly to your customers’ pain points.

3. Create Targeted Campaigns: Design targeted marketing campaigns that focus on addressing the specific problem. Highlight the benefits and features of your product or service that directly alleviate the identified pain points.

4. Optimize SEO and Online Presence: Incorporate relevant keywords related to the identified problem in your website content to improve search engine optimization (SEO). This helps potential customers find your business when searching for solutions to their specific issues.

5. Educate Your Audience: Share content that educates your audience about the problem and provides insights into potential solutions. Position your business as an authority in solving these issues, building trust with your audience.

8. Adapt Product Development: Use insights into the problems you solve to guide product development. Continuously evaluate and enhance your offerings based on customer feedback and changing market dynamics.

9. Differentiate Your Business: Emphasize what makes your business unique in solving the identified problem. Highlight your competitive advantages and USP in your marketing materials to differentiate yourself from competitors.

The problems I solve for my clients & how I used the information

Here’s what I outlined for my own business:

I used this information on my website…and then used it to create Instagram captions to go along with my images. I also will use this information when chatting with prospective clients on consultation calls. 

You’re in the right place if:

  • You have dreams of taking your business to the next level
  • Your brand isn’t matching the value you know you bring to your clients
  • You have a solid marketing plan, but you’re lacking visual consistency
  • You’re scrambling for last-minute visuals
  • You’ve been duct-taping visuals together with a mishmash of DIY photos
  • You’re ready to start looking past tomorrow

Together we’re going to:

  • Align your brand with the exceptional value you provide to clients through our photography solutions.
  • Help you craft a visual strategy that not only meets today’s needs but sets the stage for your brand’s everlasting success.
  • Say farewell to the DIY photo patchwork. I’m your photography wizard, bringing the professionalism that transforms your visuals from ‘meh’ to ‘wow.’
  • Put an end to scrambling for your next image. I’m all about planning for success, anticipating your visual needs, and making sure you’re always ready for the spotlight.
  • Create the visuals that shout your value! I’ve got you covered with photography that speaks to how great you really are.

The first thing I did was put this on the homepage of my website:

website screenshot of how I used "how I solve my client's problems" as copy on my homepage
website screenshot of how I used "how I solve my client's problems" as copy on my homepage

Then I used how I solve my client’s problems in my social media captions, here are some examples:

“Tired of DIY chaos? Time for a pro touch! Kia & Co., your brand & product photographer, is here to bring order and quality to your visual game. Say hello to professional excellence.”

“Brand photography isn’t just about capturing moments; it’s about telling your story strategically. At Kia & Co., I simplify the photography process, ensuring your brand visuals are not just snapshots but a visual journey. Let’s elevate your brand’s narrative together.”

“Product photography is more than showcasing items; it’s about telling a visual story. At Kia & Co., I simplify the process, ensuring your products are not just captured but presented with purpose. Let’s make your products stand out on every shelf.”

“At Kia & Co, I’m not just a photographer; I’m a visual strategist. Whether it’s brand photography or product photography, we simplify the process, align with your goals, and ensure every image serves a purpose. Let’s craft a visual journey for your brand.”

Yes, I did use the power of chatgpt to help me with these. I made sure to feed it my brand voice and several examples of how I write…it came out pretty darn good!

meet Gari-Ann

Gari-Ann Kia is an accomplished Branding and Product Photographer with a passion for helping creatives and professionals elevate their brand by showcasing their product, promoting their services, or simply enhancing their brand image. Gari-Ann's expertise in branding and product photography will help you stand out from the crowd. With years of experience in the field, Gari-Ann has honed her skills and developed a unique approach to visual storytelling that resonates with her clients and their target audience to help them stand out from the crowd.

Gari-Ann currently lives in the Washington DC area with her husband and two children. She enjoys traveling with her family, some of their favorite destinations have been Santorini, Wanaka, Paris, & Aix en Provence. In her free time, Gari-Ann enjoys giving back to her community by supporting fellow military spouses & their families and mentoring other small business owners.