Baby on a nursing pillow

Nursing e-commerce products session

Planning NuAngel’s nursing product & brand session

Here at Kia & Co., I believe in the power of meticulous planning to ensure every photoshoot tells a brand’s story & makes for a very efficient and through session. NuAngel, a company specializing in nursing e-commerce products for mothers, started working with us at Huntsville Design House (our marketing agency), we immediately started to collaborate with Sarah, their VP of Marketing, to understand their brand and their needs for their company’s goals. From consulting their vendor’s style guide to discussing their social media, newsletters, Shopify store, and Faire presence, every detail was meticulously considered. Our shot list not only outlined the different activities involving the models—mothers and babies—but also the varied locations within home set location, ensuring a comprehensive image gallery that would fit the needs of their marketing.

Putting their Nursing Products in Context of Mothers & Babies

The primary objective of our session with NuAngel was to seamlessly integrate their flagship nursing e-commerce products—nursing pillows, disposable nursing pads, and reusable nursing pads—into real-life scenarios. It wasn’t just about showcasing the products; it was about portraying how and where they would be used, resonating with the everyday lives of their target audience. Moreover, NuAngel wanted to highlight the unique features of their products, such as their washable nature, plant-based materials, and the versatility of their nursing pillows based on the baby’s age. We aimed to capture these nuances, ensuring that each photograph tells a compelling story that aligns with NuAngel’s brand voice & story.

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Marketing Strategies using their new nursing e-commerce product and brand images

The resulting images from our session with the NuAngel team & nursing e-commerce products are not just standalone assets; they are integral components of a comprehensive marketing strategy. As NuAngel looks to expand its presence in major retailers like Walmart and cater to smaller boutiques via Faire, consistency in digital marketing is paramount. At Huntsville Design House, our partnership extends beyond the photoshoot; we’ve crafted a robust marketing plan encompassing social media campaigns on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, engaging newsletter content, social selling, and regular blog updates. By infusing NuAngel’s brand identity into every aspect of their online presence, we’re helping them stand out in a competitive market landscape.

Capturing Motherhood nursing e-commerce products through Visual Storytelling

Effective brand imagery goes beyond aesthetics—it’s about evoking emotions, telling stories, and resonating with your audience on a deeper level. Through our collaboration with NuAngel, we’ve not only captured the essence of their nursing e-commerce products but also amplified their brand narrative, empowering them to connect with their audience authentically. From ecommerce platforms to social media feeds, our photography serves as the starting point for NuAngel’s journey towards greater brand visibility and resonance.

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