Images needed for your Faire Shop

Faire is a great place to attract boutique owners to your shop page with your amazing products. These customers are other fellow small business owners and are looking for quality products to sell in their own online or brick and mortar store fronts. The first thing that they are going to notice are your high quality images. On top of having quality jpeg images, having the right sized images are essential to making your faire page look consistent. Having high-quality images also makes it more likely that the editors at Faire will feature your shop in their marketing & social media. 

Cover Image for main shop page

Your cover photo is the main header image at the top of your brand’s shop page. Cover photos should summarize what products you sell in your shop (usually your best selling) & represent your overall brand aesthetic. This high-resolution image (min. 1111 x 252) should follow these Faire guidelines:

  • No logos or text
  • No photo collages
  • No products with inappropriate language
  • No nudity

Feature Image

Your brand’s feature image is the primary image that Faire uses to display your brand throughout their platform, this image is set by their design team. Faire will use these images in the marketplace and in marketing emails. This image will be the first impression of your brand, so it’s important to have an impactful lifestyle image that will entice retailers to visit your shop. The image should showcase your best-selling products in use in a clean image. 

According to Faire, your brand’s image must:

  • Be high quality (minimum 500 x 500 pixels)
  • Be a single image, not a collage of multiple images
  • Not include any words, watermarks, or logos

Some tips from Faire:

  • Make sure your product is the main focus of your image.
  • Crop your image to a square. It must fill a 1:1 ratio.
  • Don’t include overlaid text or logos.
  • Avoid collages and keep it simple.
  • Provide visual context, show your product in use
  • Avoid showing models with direct eye contact

Product Images

Products make up a majority of your shop, they should be clean and consistent, usually being shot on a clean white background–creating a cohesive look across your shop. In these images it should be clear what the product you’re selling is–don’t have competing items in your image (keep in the mind the way you’re styling your shots so that your props or colors don’t compete with the main product). It is recommended that the photographer use a low depth of field, keeping the main focus on the product and making the background recede. These high quality images should be squares and a minimum of 1050 x1050 pixels. Consider having at least 5 images per product that answer many of the questions that clients are going to ask about your product.

Collection Image

Collections are a curated set of products, some common collections include: best sellers, new products, category specific, holidays, or audience specific. This image should be different than your product images & make it clear that it is a different type of offering. Faire recommends that this is either a summary shot of multiple products or a lifestyle shot that is not on a white background. 

Brand story

This is your place to tell your brand’s story and share more information about yourself with your retailers. Consider adding images that showcase the behind the scenes of your business with how your products are made.

According to Faire, your brand story images must follow the following guidelines:

You can either feature 1 rectangle image (minimum 790×390 pixels) or 2 square images (minimum 390×390 pixels) in this space. If your photos are not already in the appropriate crop, they will be cropped automatically.

meet Gari-Ann

Gari-Ann Kia is an accomplished Branding and Product Photographer with a passion for helping creatives and professionals elevate their brand by showcasing their product, promoting their services, or simply enhancing their brand image. Gari-Ann's expertise in branding and product photography will help you stand out from the crowd. With years of experience in the field, Gari-Ann has honed her skills and developed a unique approach to visual storytelling that resonates with her clients and their target audience to help them stand out from the crowd.

Gari-Ann currently lives in the Washington DC area with her husband and two children. She enjoys traveling with her family, some of their favorite destinations have been Santorini, Wanaka, Paris, & Aix en Provence. In her free time, Gari-Ann enjoys giving back to her community by supporting fellow military spouses & their families and mentoring other small business owners.