Headshot & Brand Session: Alabama Closing & Title

I had the privilege of collaborating with the lawyers and team at Alabama Closing & Title to capture their headshot & brand session. Working closely with their marketing manager, our mission was to craft compelling brand images for print marketing materials, social media, and their website that would show their lawyers & team members interacting with other real estate professionals & the clients. 

Huntsville Alabama Brand Session Group Corporate

Selecting a Huntsville Co-working location for your brand session

We chose to shoot their session at Coin Co-Working Space at Lincoln Mill, Huntsville, Alabama, because of the wonderful windows that brought in light & diverse spaces. In order to produce a diverse image gallery, I choose locations that give us a lot of opportunities to change up the ‘look’ of a scene without traveling far. Between the lobby and the different spaces within Coin, we were able to achieve just this! 

Pre-Session Shotlist Planning for Huntsville Real Estate Professionals

Behind every brand session lies meticulous planning, and Alabama Closing & Title’s session was no exception. In our pre-session meeting, their proactive marketing manager ensured we curated a shotlist that included their brand’s persona. The comprehensive shot list included individual headshots of each team member, group shots showcasing the entire team and individual offices, candid shots of team members at work, and lawyers guiding clients through the closing process. This strategic approach not only showcased their team cohesion but also highlighted their commitment to personalized client interactions & education.

Props: Giving context to your headshot & brand session

During brand sessions, props play a pivotal role in conveying a brand’s story because it puts my clients in context of the thing they do and the tools they use to do it. Alabama Closing & Title demonstrated exceptional foresight by incorporating props that seamlessly aligned with their brand identity and client experience. From branded mugs, folders, and pens to thoughtful client gifts like keychains. They even included cute water bottles, a staple for visiting clients, and even paperwork (with fictitious information), each prop echoed their commitment to excellence and a client-centric approach. Need some ideas of what to include in your brand session, take a look at our blog!

This headshot and brand session with Alabama Closing & Title captured the spirit of their dynamic team as they work in the Huntsville real estate community. Each image captured their professionalism, teamwork, and commitment to delivering a top-notch client experience.

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