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With retail always being at least a season ahead of the actual season, it was important for Thao and the Paper Petals Co. team to start thinking about their Valentine’s Day products and planning their launch right in the middle of the Christmas rush. Yes, we were planning and executing a Valentine’s Day shoot prior to Christmas!

Curated Valentine’s collection

Paper Petals Co. created a curated collection of products especially tailored for the look and feel of each holiday. Thao wanted something that spoke to Valentine’s Day, but with a twist! This is where she added punches of color, using teal, burgundy, and terracotta.

Paper Petals Co. Valentine’s Day Collection

Shooting for variations & website images

In this product shoot I made sure to photograph each bouquet and each of their variations. The client is given the option in several bouquets as to which color palm fronds they would like included, I made sure to photograph what each of the different variations would look like for the image reel on her product page.

The team was in the middle of migrating their website to a new platform, so they knew it was important to get great landscape shots of their products for their products page.

Each bouquet and vase arrangement that is being offered in the Paper Petals Co. Valentine’s Day Collection
Clients are also given the opportunity to purchase a vase for their bouquet.

New offerings

As a new offering, Paper Petals Co. is offering a preserved flower bundle. This bundle can either be purchased as a stand alone bouquet or added to enhance their paper flowers. We strategically shot the bouquets with a lot of white space so that they can use these images in their different forms of marketing.

Adding in a person

After sharing image after image on the Paper Petals Co. instagram feed and Facebook advertisements, Thao and Anthony both know that the images that do best are with a person in them. So even if Thao isn’t camera ready, we like to add her into the shot with her hands and body to give the images a human touch.

Customized Stock Photography

Creating customized stock photography for Paper Petals Co. is always an easy task! Their creations are always gorgeous, so I’m always looking for ways to create a new banner image for them to use on their website, marketing images to use in their print marketing, or simply a gorgeous image for them to show off in their social media.

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