Kara | Stationery Product Studio Photography Session

Kara is the wonderful designer behind her stationery company, Kara Anne & Co., based out of Richmond, Virginia. We’ve had the opportunity to work in the wedding world together and also did her branding session almost a year ago.

This past Fall she reached out to me and declared that she was ready to take her business to the next level by offering a curated collection of stationery suites. She wanted them all photographed in a consistent manner so that her website would stand out and look clean & professional.

Stationery Suites

In addition to the custom work that Kara does, she wanted to curate a signature collection of suites to offer her clients. The overall design would stay the same, but details would be added in order to customize the suite for each client. We photographed each suite with props like ceramics, ribbon, florals, and jewelry to enhance the look of each set. Taking the color scheme of the scene from the stationery suite itself.

Overall summary shot of the wedding suites

Invitation suite blanks

In addition to the images of each suite and their variations, we had the forethought to photograph blanks of each suite. This will allow Kara to create mockups of a suite for a client so that they can see what their final individual invitation suite will look like.

Sample Box

In order to better serve out of town clients, Kara created a sample box for potential clients. This sample box allows clients to see & touch their different options. Her sample box includes different paper samples, print samples, color options, and all the instructions to make the process as easy as possible.

Options and Embellishments

In addition to the suites, Kara wanted to capture all the different options and enhancements that she offers her clients. Her detailed shot list included print types, paper & envelope color, and paper weight. Enhancements to her stationery suites included things like wax seals, belly bands, vellum jackets, and custom art work.

I had a blast having Kara in the studio! She was a blast to collaborate with, especially since she was so dang organized with her shot list. She already had her website built out, so she knew exactly was shots she needed and in what orientation. This is what I love in a client!

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Prop list

We’d love to thank the following companies for their amazing products that we used during our shoot:

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