Huntsville Madison Real Estate Agent posing for photograph at his new construction headshot session

New Construction Real Estate Headshots for the Keyfinder’s Group’s Newest Agent

A Madison, Alabama Expert Joins the Keyfinders Group

Following our recent big brand session with the Keyfinders Group in Downtown Huntsville this past summer, they were thrilled to introduce the newest member of their team – Clay. The team wasn’t ready to do a full brand session again, so we planned a smaller session to get Clay some images to integrate into the Keyfinders team with some headshots in a new construction neighborhood and in Downtown Madison. Living in Madison, Alabama for 10+ years, Clay brings a wealth of local knowledge, positioning himself as the go-to expert in the vibrant Madison community.

Having seamlessly integrated into the Keyfinders Group, Clay’s addition has been nothing short of exciting. His expertise not only complements the team but also expands their reach into Madison, offering clients a dedicated professional with an in-depth understanding of the local real estate landscape.

Huntsville Madison Real Estate Agent posing for headshot in Downtown Madison

What Went into Clay’s New Construction Headshot Session

Our commitment to capturing the essence of the Keyfinders Group throughout all of their images is of huge importance to me as a photographer. The new construction headshot session with Clay was intertwined with a brand session for team lead, Blake Landry, at a thriving new construction neighborhood in Athens – a project he represents with fellow real estate agent, Stephanie Scrimsher. (Take a look at their Brownsferry Landing Brand Session at the new construction development)

To integrate Clay into the Keyfinder’s photographic brand seamlessly, we strategically incorporated Blake into Clay’s session, portraying him as both a “client” and a collaborator. The session then transitioned to Downtown Madison, a locale iconic to this part of town. Here, against the backdrop of the city’s charming buildings, we captured formal headshots that reflect Clay’s professionalism and approachability.

Photographic Brand for Keyfinders Group

In the competitive real estate landscape, a cohesive and impactful brand is indispensable. The significance of professional headshots & and overall cohesive photographic brand cannot be overstated. For the Keyfinders Group, represented by the reputable RE/MAX Today, these visuals convey trust, expertise, and a commitment to excellence.

Investing in a photographic brand enhances the team’s credibility and resonates with clients. As we focus on new construction headshots, we recognize the role these images play in shaping perceptions and establishing a lasting connection with potential clients.

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