Branding Session with Williamsburg Restaurant Casa Pearl

Favorite Restaurants in Williamsburg

We’ve had the opportunity to live in many places and the one thing that we always do in our new town is find our go to food places. We start finding these places immediately and we find it so much fun! Here are a few of the places that we consistently visit in Williamsburg:

Casa Pearl

One of my ride or die favorites & one of the coolest places in all of Williamsburg. Their oysters, cheviche, shrimp, tacos…I mean, you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. Chef Mikey is a genius and Casa Pearl is a consistent favorite for us.

Amber Ox Public House

One of our date night favorites, Amber Ox‘s cool atmosphere makes you want to sit at their bar, hang out with friends, and enjoy their amazing food. We were first introduced to Amber Ox’s smoked chicken wings at a beerfest and OMG, we were sold after that.

On top of their wings, we really enjoy their beer can chicken, fried chicken, and their burger! I’d also like to mention that their family meals kept us sane during quarantine and continue to be on our list of favorite takeout meals.

Maria Bonita

Unlike the rest of my family, I thoroughly enjoy a great Mexican restaurant! My family will entertain me every now and then, but they don’t enjoy it like I do. Maria Bonita has not steered me wrong with any of their food…and if you’ve tried to get a seat at lunch, I’m not alone…everyone loves it! My favorites include their Enchilladas Verde, Chimichanga, & Fajitas.

Free Range Juice

Working from home can be mundane at times, so a couple times a week I love to spend a morning working from a cafe to throw some excitement in my life and give me a reason to get myself ready for the day. Free Range Juice became my home away from home! Their cute little was quiet enough for me to concentrate, but loud enough to keep my brain going (too much quiet isn’t good for me either).

Known for their fresh pressed juices and smoothies, they are a very healthy option. Their avocado toast (the best!) and their Free to be Kind smoothie are my favorite lunch combo…and I never feel guilty eating it because it’s so dang healthy!


We love us some Korean food! When I go home to Hawaii it’s something that I eat constantly because it’s so readily available and good. Having a great Korean restaurant like Bonanza so close by made our hearts (and tummies) so happy. Williamsburg really needed a great Korean restaurant like this!

Our favorites include their Japchae, Spicy Pork bowl, Loco Moco, Korean chicken wings, and their Spam Musubis (a Hawaiian staple). The cherry on top is that they serve our favorite Hawaiian drinks.

The Cheese Shop

Located right in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg, the Cheese Shop is a must try if you’re new to town because it’s such a Williamsburg staple. I love going in there and checking out all the cool cheeses, crackers, and snacks that they have to pair up with their wines (not a wine drinker here, I’m just here for the food!).

I thoroughly enjoy their sandwiches, my go to is a turkey on their french loaf with their house dressing!

Honorable Mentions

Of course these are just a few of our favorites! Some honorable mentions include Miyakis (Japanese and Korean), Kephi (Greek Food), Shortys (Breakfast), Pho 79 (Vietnamese).

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